A healthy life is a happy life!


And well who doesn’t want a healthy sex life, right? In this day and age, every wrong step towards your body severely affects your physical and mental state. And this is true for high cholesterol as well.

High cholesterol is extremely bad for your sexual health. It is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction is men. Too much cholesterol clogs the arteries and restricts blood flow. Now you know that lesser blood flowing into your penis is not a good sign. Even women with high cholesterol have a high time getting aroused.

Therefore having low cholesterol in your body will not only help you in getting stronger erections it also helps with arousal. So not only do you keep your health in check, you also boost your performance in bed!

And let me tell you a secret- cacao can help lower your cholesterol and also increases sexual desire, so dark chocolate is a big Yes if you want to keep your cholesterol in check as well as boost your desire!

Now that’s what i call a win!