And it definitely hurts!


Have you ever been in a situation that is utterly embarrassing but also extremely painful? You’re scared and in pain- well, that’s what a fracture to the penis feels like, only 100 times more!

Let me explain what it actually is. A penile rupture is actually a tear in one or both of the tubes (called tunica albuginea) which basically keep your erection. It does not let the blood leave your penis and therefore keeps you erect.

Now during vigorous intercourse, if her pelvic bone bumps into your erect penis too hard it can cause your penis to bend and rupture. Masturbation is also a very common cause of penile rupture when men get too excited to control themselves they end up hurting their penis.

If you hear a “pop” sound and then immediate pain in your penis while having sex or masturbating, you should immediately rush to the hospital. Surgery is usually necessary to prevent permanent damage.

Or just be careful what you’re doing under the sheets, though exciting sex can be risky for some!