About Us

Our Story

A heritage preserved for 94 years.

Our founder and inspiration – RajvaidyaPandit Chandra Sen Jain, was a visionary man blessed with the gift of Ayurveda. He was an Ayurvedic practitioner, a Sanskrit scholar and a royal physician in his time. Over the time of his practice he saw that most of the medical health issues are either direct resultant of or are affected by improper functioning of the digestive system and thus, highly emphasized on digestive health of his patients, which later led to the development of GasoleenVati – a completely herbal preparation, made under strict purification techniques till today. Each pill is handmade and under strict hygiene conditions in our manufacturing units.

Our Values

With rich history of research and immense passion towards their work, our founders have built this company to preserve the Ayurvedic knowledge and use it to provide safer medicines to the people in need.