10 Best tips to Improve Stamina Naturally
  1. Slower the better - Do not just include any new exercise in the routine. It takes time for your body to adapt. Start with the basic exercises first, warm up is a must, stretching helps the body to get prepared for the other exercises. Anything too foreign can be a shock to the muscle memory. Be consistent with your routine, accommodate things and new exercises but slowly.
  2. Carbs can be important to- Protein is indeed considered to be a magic potion for people who exercise but carbs have their own value. Body needs quick energy and good strength, carbs help in both. Starch and sugar help in boosting the stamina and endurance of the body.
  3. Food is soul- Balanced diet may be a new scientific term but the truth is, it was always preferred in ayurveda, the importance of it can be emphasized with the fact that a certain kind of eating habit along with variety and choice of food has the capability to change the life for good. Iron, vitamins, zinc, calcium, phosphorus all these micronutrients should be there in the food. Fresh food should be preferred. Do not eat very spicy food or the one with more oil. 
  4. Exercise and more- Ayurveda has always mentioned the practice of yoga, pranayam and meditation techniques. Regular workouts give the body a chance to recover from the daily stress and fatigue. Mental health can very well be aided with meditation along with therapy. Exercise let's the body breathe and dance to the rhythm of nature. A lot of sweating is a detox process by the body. Do yoga regularly and stay fab.
  5. Rest is a must: The most important of these routine forming activities is "A good night’s sleep”, which is as important as regular workouts and being active. The body needs care and proper rest to heal in order to heal itself. Adequate amount of sleep and proper rest will have an amazing positive impact on the body. This will help to improve our physical and mental performance drastically. Giving less sleeping time to the body can result in deterioration of your health.
  6. Do not hate, hydrate: It is extra important that you should drink your food and chew your water. Make sure that you consume a good amount of fluid during the day time. Hydrating your body simply means respecting your body, it has relevance beyond improving your aesthetics and managing your ideal weight. Also, drink a glass of beetroot juice everyday with your breakfast can turn you into a human ball of sunshine. Beetroot is power packed with goodness of iron and nitrates that can help increase stamina which will in turn help your body to work for long and exhausting hours without feeling tired and dizzy. Sipping on some hot or lukewarm water along with a few drops of lime juice in the mornings is an effective way to detox your digestive system and boost metabolism. 

    The above mentioned habits will bring the balance between work and energy needed in the routine life.
    Here are five herbs that will improve the ojas in a male body. These will enhance vitality, glow, stamina and liveliness.


  8. Ashwagandha : herb has been used by mankind for thousands of years. It literally means the smell of a horse referring to the strength of the horse. Ashwagandha works wonders on male body, improving stamina, concentration and energy. The active compound withanolides are also believed to combat tumor causing causes in the body. Ashwagandha is also beneficial in being super sensitive towards the increased glucose level in the blood and effective in increasing the insulin sensitivity. It is also known to lessen the inflammatory compounds present anywhere in the body. Ashwagandha potentially helps in keeping the homeostasis of the body, thus, managing the stress in any given time. It increases the level of testosterone, increases the sperm count and rejuvenates the whole body.
  9. Shudh Shilajit : Shudh Shilajit is primarily found in the Himalayan cradle. A black sticky compound has been formed due to years of decomposition of plants. Doctors and scientists have researched and experimented with it to know it's effects. Shilajit is a miraculous mineral for a male body. It helps to fight the chronic fatigue syndrome which is becoming increasingly common due to the current lifestyle issues. The cells do not produce enough energy for the body to feel good, Shilajit helps in the restoration of energy in the body. Researchers have proven that it safely increases the natural testosterone levels in the body when taken regularly, improving sex drive, muscle built, boosting stamina, sorting erectile dysfunction, the glow in the body.
  10. Sweta Musli: Safed Musli is also known as white gold for a good reason. It heavily improves the male performance and restores 'ojas' of a male body. It is deeply effective in tackling stress. This Divya Aawshadi boosts the level of testosterone, improves the sperm quantity and quality therefore managing to improve impotence and erectile dysfunction both. The high antioxidants property helps you to look young and energetic.
  11. Brahmi: This is yet another herb known to boost stamina and rich in antioxidants. Brahmi helps in easing the body promoting energy production and improving mental agility.

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