Pandemic, Quarantine, Isolation and many other words like this have become a daily use in our dictionary. With more than 13 Lakh cases in India, the entire nation is under the clutches of Coronavirus. Couple of months after the declaration of nationwide lockdown our prime minister announced the Atma Nirbhar Bharat campaign. Every field has been scanning their maximum resources to optimise it in order to yield a medicine or a vaccine to combat this dreadful disease.

So why not we extract something out of Ayurveda which has been serving us for ages. Its high time that India delve into alternate forms of medicine. These drugs must also come under the regulations so that they get tested by MoHFW. Many of the ayurvedic companies have come up with immunity boosters like geloy and dhanvati which should be promoted as they help in building immunity and strength. Patanjali released Coronil last month but it was not tested to its capacity and then it was declared for boosting immunity. A trust has to be built among the people to have faith on ayurvedic medicines which can be achieved by publishing results for peer review so that it gets standard recognition.