5 ways to get started on your sexual wellness journey

Everyone deserves good health, and good health involves a holistic approach where all aspects of fitness are equally important. Sexual or reproductive health is often most overlooked or less talked about, leading to an increase in teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases globally. By definition sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental & social well-being related to sexuality; It is not merely the absence of disease, dysfunction, or infirmity(1).

Here are the 5 ways you can start your sexual awareness journey-

  1. Know your body- Take your reproduction classes seriously, and ask your elders at home, they can be of great help. Explore your body, and ask your doctors. Do not read or believe unreliable sources or pornography websites.
  2. Value your needs-Your needs should be valued, sexual health is connected to your emotional well-being. Interact with all genders, communicate your desires with your partner, negotiate limits, and always know self-pleasure is excellent too.
  3. Respect your partner & relationships- Make your partner feel comfortable with you, effective conversation about your pleasure & wants can get you great experiences. 
  4. Talk about it-Sexuality, sex, or remotely related is often ignored in most societies all around the world but that’s exactly what is going to help you. Sexual health is shaped by the quality of information & conversation that we do with our peers, elders, and professionals.
  5. Pleasure is fun-Humans do sex not just to reproduce but for the carnal and emotional pleasure that it brings in the process. Stress-free lovemaking is far more fun than anything else, so know about consent, communication with the partner, STIs, pregnancy preventing methods before you actually do it.

Sexual health is critical for everyone, safe & pleasurable sexual relations without any discrimination or abuse are fundamental to every human being. Sexual health problems should be talked about openly to improve it, it is a crucial indicator of a society’s social & economic development.