In this hyper-competitive world, aren't we all worried about something? Being nervous is fairly common, but when this problem enters a man's bedroom and sexual life, his self-esteem suffers. The inability to perform due to a lack of self-confidence, nervousness, stress, or body image issues can be defined as "performance anxiety." The sexual performance anxiety issue is more common in males; around 9–25% of men all around the world suffer from it at some point in their lives.

Let’s talk more for better understanding.

Self-diagnosis is an essential aspect of reporting performance anxiety for obvious reasons, but this anxiety can lead to more problems like ED, i.e., erectile dysfunction. Here are the root causes that lead to performance anxiety:

  1. Self-doubt and concerns regarding partner satisfaction
  2. Unrealistic examples set by the porn industry
  3. Low testosterone levels in the body
  4. Body image issues or not feeling attractive enough
  5. Any other stress or tension in life

 An array of symptoms and causes are approached through a variety of treatment methods that have positive body image and helping with mental health at their core.

 Here are five strategies for dealing with sexual performance anxiety:

  1. Self-love and acceptance through meditation, counseling, and effective communication with family, friends, and partners can help mitigate it.
  2. Improved mental health: good mental health helps men combat nervousness, anxiety, and everyday stress.
  3. Couple’s therapy: therapy helps to build a bridge of communication that fills the gap of a lack of expressions and conversions.
  4. Meditate to relax. The fast-paced life and the fear of not being able to keep up with the rising standards in almost every field can cause serious harm to confidence and self-esteem. Seek the path of spirituality and meditation to perform better.
  5. Stop with your everlasting expectations: Do not watch porn; whatever you see is a highly fictionalised and edited version of what actually happens in the bedroom.
  6. Consult your doctor. Low levels of testosterone are one of the key reasons for sexual performance anxiety. Give yourself some self-love; natural testosterone boosters can help a lot without causing any side effects.
  7. Guided imagery is a new treatment method that reintroduces sexual education in a much more relaxed and calm setting.
Sexual performance anxiety has been receiving more attention, but men are still hesitant to seek help. Map out a plan for yourself, visit your closest doctor, and talk to your partner and close friends.