5 ways to increase the energy levels energy in Men

Men more than often feel exhausted and dried of any ounce of energy left in their body’s after a day’s work.  Lifestyle change that includes dietary practices too is one of the leading reasons for this constant passive feeling. Health related conditions such as low testosterone levels, Diabetic mellitus, Hypertension or many other issues pull the morale of a man down along with his energy levels. Especially in the current times, men have started recognising the fact that low energy comes with a lot of other issues which includes anxiety, frustration, lower immunity levels,poor emotional and social health and a whole lot of other issues. Ayurvedic energy booster supplements give us a fair chance to get amazing vitalizing benefits of ingredients like Ashwagandha, Shudh Shilajit, Sweta Musli, Kesar, kaunch beej, the premium herbs and minerals are time tested and have an approval of generations of indian royalty.

Ayurveda has always reinforced the fact that ‘Satvik’ (simple living) is the key and ‘aam’ toxins in the body are the leftovers of what goes inside our bodies that leads to the disharmony of the three important doshas in the body ie.. vata, pitta and Kapha. The immunity and energy level are interlinked too and 70% immunity comes from digestion, poor digestive agni leads to poor digestion process,thus, ill functioning of the immune system.

Ayurveda for men in general states that young men have Kapha dosha and the old age changes into pitta dosha bodies. The whole balance game leads to better or worse in terms of immunity. What can a man do in order to remain energetic and feel good? The question may be tricky but the answer lies in the principles of ayurveda which simply means warm and fresh meals with yoga and meditation without snacking in between the meals along with healthy lukewarm water.


Let’s check out ten ways to stay energized-

1. Nutrition - Getting your nutrition right is the first step to feeling active all day long. Sattvic food that contains freshly prepared warm vegetarian meals excluding any alcohol or non veg item. Fruit are encouraged to be taken at the right time ie. an hour after meal or half an hour before meals, certain food combinations are not apt for the digestive process. Keeping curd close is great. Energy booster herbs and minerals can be consumed as they are natural and safe. Shudh shilajit and Purified gold are known to improve male vitality.


2. Quality Sleep - early to bed and early to rise, should not just be spoken but followed too. Sleep deprivation is a common issue that a lot of us tend to suffer from. The reasons for not being able to sleep tight can be any sort of stress, pain or some diseases but in the last ten years the addiction to cell phone, screens and gaming has emerged as one of the primary causes of sleep deprivation. Ideally going to bed at 10:00 pm and getting up at 5:00 am should be followed. Gentle head massages, aroma therapy using scented candles or great music can help you fall asleep.


3. Hydration- People often delay or rather avoid drinking water when working so as to save a few seconds. Your body is 70% water and water is needed in one or the form in every physiological function of your body. Drink lukewarm with a dash of lime juice every morning along with 3-4 litres of water everyday, sips of lukewarm water every 15 min throughout the day can do magic to your energy levels also cold water is known to constrict blood vessels and being slow in terms of acceleration of the metabolic process.


4. Fight stress - kindly do not take pride in being a man that society has fixed, rigid and unrealistic, you need to express more, bottled up emotions often do more harm than good, share your stress and worries with close friends, partners or family. Discuss what happened at the work as to how their day was! Make sure to exercise well.


5. Exercise is a must- If you think just a regular walk will do, well it is good but not enough every part of the body needs to be free and function properly. The joints have to be free and not stiff the muscles should not be fatigued, your man shouldn’t be complaining about regular backaches or calf muscle aches- here are a few asanas for men

a) Navasana or the Boat pose- the post is known to be really beneficial for a male body, it helps to strengthen the deep core, stimulate the prostate gland, supports the pelvis by reducing the tension.
b) Uttanasana or standing forward fold- this yoga pose is not just about making you flexible but improves the blood circulation but reduces tension of the neck and back regions, it helps in opening up the hamstrings and the calves
c) Anjaneyasana or low lunge- this is a great exercise as it helps to strengthen hips and chest along with supporting the flexibility of hip flexors.

Seek help- Health is complex, seek help from doctors and therapists whenever you feel like. There is no shame if you constantly feel low. Arunveda brings you the best energy booster capsules, potent formulations backed by data and research. We make 100% natural, safe and Buy ayurvedic products for the stronger and confident men.